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BY Indian Wells

New single by Indian Wells

Directed by C999 (IG @c999visual) @ San Rocco Church in Parma

Deru: Exploring microtonality on the Seaboard Block


Microtonality — the deconstruction of acoustic sounds into particles of tonal purity — excites him and drives all of his recent projects. And if his hauntingly ambient tracks sound like the mood music for an space thriller, it’s only fitting: he’s exploring the outer edge of the universe of electronic expression.



Perera Elsewhere (EB.TV Feature)

BY Telekom Electronic Beats

Get the scoop on Sasha Perera's latest project Perera Elsewhere on Telekom Electronic Beats TV. We speak with the UK born, Berlin based musician to understand the aims and processes of this exciting solo journey.



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Perera Elsewhere: Midnight Mix w/ Jamz Supernova

BY BBC Radio 1Xtra

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Sweatson Klank - Guest Mix For Tom Ravenscroft

BY BBC6 Radio

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Lorenzo BITW Xclusive Mix x Mixology


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Musical Acts Show Their Gratitude On Thanksgiving


All Things Considered's annual musical gratitude chat is back. On Thanksgiving day, host Ari Shapiro speaks with four different artists who have named one another as musicians to be thankful for. This year, the chain begins with Canadian duo Tegan and Sara, and continues on through UK electronic artist Perera Elsewhere, hip-hop duo Shabazz Palaces and R&B artist Jimetta Rose.


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